Opening Ceremony:2015.11.14 pm16:00

Show Time:2015.11.14 — 2015.12.31

Artists:CHEN Xi, REN Zhitian, Jason Mena, Camille Ayme, Garcia Frankowski , Ophelia S.CHAN, XIAO Xiao, YU Bogong, Oliver Haidutschek, The Collective, Troyka Union, Lena Tsibizova, Olga Rodina, Anastasia Soboleva, WU Ding

Art Director: Manman CHENG
Producer:Ga YANG
Chief Advisor:Zhijie QIU


Unicorn Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Intelligentsia Gallery is thrilled to present 0.10, a group exhibition with works by Wu Ding (b. 1982, Shanghai), Jason Mena (1975, Lives and works in Mexico City), Lena Tsibizova (b. 1988 Moscow), Olga Rodina (b. 1982 Moscow) and Anastasia Soboleva (b. 1989 Kostroma) of Troyka Union (Moscow), Garcia Frankowski (b. 1983 San Juan, b. 1985 Dundee), Oliver Haidutschek (b. 1976, Vienna) Ophelia S. Chan (b. 1985, Hong Kong), Ren Zhitian (b. 1968, Xishui), Xiao Xiao (b. 1984 Hunan), The Collective (Beijing), Camille Ayme (b. 1983, St Etienne) and Chen Xi (b. 1985 Wuhan).
0.10 changed the history of art.
In 1915, ten artists were selected to portray a new beginning. After the zero, a new society would emerge.
A hundred years after, we are left amidst the promises of that new beginning.
0.10 reformulates the possibility of futurism today through images of anti-climax and anti-narrative. In a world in constant flux, with the endless crises of media, materialism, the end of history, the death and rebirth of god, the erosion of humanism, the collapse and consolidation of hegemonic systems, with the constant questioning of our existence and its deepest and most profound philosophical foundations, we are left wondering if a 0.10 is not only possible, but a human necessity.
Presenting installation, video, painting, and photography and mix media, 0.10 launches the works of international and local artists contemplating abandoned, failed and triumphant goals in the search of a new futurism.