Opening Ceremony:2016.04.09 pm16:00

Show Time:2016.04.09 —— 05.08

Resident Time:2016.03.14 —— 04.23

Artist:Thierry LIEGEOIS
Guest Sound Performance:Xiaoyang CAO  Yao WANG

Curator:Aurélie MARTINAUD
Art Director:  Manman CHENG

Chief  Advisor:邱志杰 Zhijie QIU

Producer:杨嘎 Ga YANG

A glitch is a temporary fault in an electronic system. It creates some failures and perturbations in the system that sometimes makes new unexpected sounds or images.
GLITCH CITY reflects the idea of an accumulation of disparate things that sometimes seems wrong but lets emerge a new combination of possibilities.
Our urban life is determinate by the infrastructures, which build the megalopolis. These infrastructures have to make our moves and our lives easier however they take away a big part of our humanity. A lot of them are built just to be functional in a way that pushes the humans to be more productive and good consumers.  In that context, we are always staying in a passive lifestyle: we are following the crow in the subway, in the mall, and following the traffic on the roads. Everywhere we are just users and followers. When we produce things, it’s also by following the rules of the market and economy.
Where is the liberty of choices? Do we really need to suffer to gain something? What can this pain offer to us?
In GLITCH CITY we just have to confront ourselves to the liberty to choose and make the experience of Possibility.
--Aurélie Martinaud

A “Fragment”

When Thierry proposed Glitch City as the theme of this exhibition, I was thrilled; If Glitch means a trouble inside human psyche, City must be Thierry’s mind space that is full of diversity.
The imagery of Thierry LIEGEOIS’ works is usually chaotic. His mind is a treasure that stores infinite conditions and possibilities, which automatically enriches his creation process. He expands his thought into a real space, and invites the viewer to interact and immerge into the “world of glitch.”

Thierry LIEGEOIS was born in a small town called Montbéliard in east France, and now lives and works in Lyon. He has been invited throughout the world for exhibitions; meanwhile, he starts to contemplate the relationship between cities and human beings. From Manhattan to Paris, and this time Beijing, it seems that all the big cities are filled with skyscrapers, flashing neon lights and giant screens. Walking through a city like this, we passively accept this dazzle; we spare no time to consider our relationship with our surroundings. The artist Liegeois will create a “scene” in Unicorn’s major exhibition room, in which the visitors can participate. When visitors painstakingly crawl up to this installation, which Thierry jokingly calls “My Temple,” what kind of “surprise” they will encounter? Or, it is a “shock,” a “thrill,” even a “horror” that they’ll have to face? Similarly, doesn’t the society that we live in also challenge us in different levels throughout our lives?

Unicorn Art Space locates in Caochangdi International Art Village in Beijing. All the elements here in early spring: the sun, the smog, the visitors, villagers, workers, art collectors, galleries, studios, markets, cafés, restaurants and the reclamation depot, give all new comers unique impressions. This thought-provoking, ineffable scene inspires the artist. The place is in his eyes and his mind, and he subconsciously absorbs everything. He forgets the stoniness and mercenaries of big cities, the politics and history, and perceives only the aesthetics: a tricycle, a wilted plant, broken pieces of porcelains, fragments of video images etc. When the villagers feel numb and contempt towards such common scenarios, Liegeois in turn stands on the top of the roof, while gently rolls a cigarette, says: “This is luxury.”

I tried to explain Liegeois’ prolific artistic ideas intrigued by his life here now, but what I have murmured were some scattered feelings I collected through these days’ working with him. I enjoy such intermittent mode of language: in the end, we have to repeat the same words, like when an old CD has a glitch. All kinds of different materials have constructed a “city” here, and in these scenes we will read, listen to, touch, and feel the “Glitch City” that Thierry presents to us.

Manman Cheng
Mar. 28, 2016. Beijing