You really know where you are. For the first time in history

Opening Ceremony:2017.07.15 pm16:00

Show Time:2017.07.15 — 2017.08.27

Artists: Chen Wei,Li Zhende, Chen Tianzhuo, Sebastian Alonso Bessonart, Lin Ke, Ada Sokol, Camille Ayme, Ju Anqi, Cristina Tufiño, Laurent Segretier, Alessandro Rolandi, Jason Mena, Lena Tsibizova, Robbin Heyker,  Olga Rodina, Anastasia Soboleva, Oliver Haidutschek, Christopher Rey Perez, Ophelia s. Chan, Troyka Union, Ma Yongfeng,FALA Atelier, Andreas Angelidakis, Anastasia Soboleva, Garcia Frankowski ,Yang Yuanyuan,Guido Tesio, Ren Zhitian,GANKO, Niels Betori Diehl, Xiaoxiao,Jeff Miller & Drew Milligan 

A hundred years after Aldous Huxley was hired as schoolmaster in Eton (where George Orwell was his pupil), the exhibition borrows its title from ‘A Brave New World’, one of the most important narratives of biotechnological determinism in the 20th century. ‘You Really know where you are. For the First time in history’ focuses on the point where media, identity, idealism and utopia converge. Images of fantasy and realism are embedded in dialogues and struggles that reveal the frugality of utopias and the surreal nature of current events.

Film, photography, installation, moving images, sculpture, poetry and painting render the strategies, visions, jokes, statements and narratives of visions of alternative, parallel and contradictory futures and the symbols, emblems, interpretations deployed through art practices around the world today.

The exhibition presents a new chapter in the unfolding plot of a story of fantastic proportions, summoning both, physical and digital avatars to declare that ‘You really know where you are. For the First time in History.’