Tiffany Blue
Artists: Mitzi Pederson & Alexander Wolff

EXHIBITION DATES:2019 . 06. 29 --2019. 09.15
EXHIBITION OPENING:  2019 .06. 29 16:00

Producers: YANG Ga
Chief Advisor: QIU Zhijie
Curator: CHENG Manman

“Tiffany Blue”, the title of the exhibition, began with a wall from the previous show painted light turqouise by the artist Michael Arcega. I described the paint tone as tiffany blue to explain the color in my email conversations with Alexander Wolff. He then decided to make this painted wall the foundation of his wall painting in this show. Ultimately, he and Mitzi Pederson chose to make “Tiffany Blue” the title as it plays with a seemingly nonsensical logic.

As has been said by Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosophy is the study of linguistic symbols that do not point to specific things. This so-called abstraction occurs because the language, that has been specifically pointed at, has no specific direction, causing it to point towards "emptiness."

The two artists primarily use painting and sculptural installation to form the main body of the exhibition. The wall painitng in the first room uses patterns made from backgrounds of a popular Chechoslovakian kid’s cartoon from the 70’s and 80’s drawn by Zdenek Miller. Wolff understands these images as a progressive and orginal modernistic artistic approach during the socialist regime of Eastern Europe which, in his appropriation, potentionally connect the multiple aspects of this exhibition’s context.

Mitzi Pederson and Alexander Wolff think about the boundary of the picture and the limitations of painting throughout their process. They also reflect on the difference between a central motif in a painting versus a pattern covering the entire canvas and how to continue their endeavor outside of painting entirely. Pederson uses her skillful, humble way of working to embrace the material (wood, paper, color) itself. The power of Pederson's works stem from their dynamic interaction within the exhibition space and its synchronous expression. Her installation works seem totally free from spatial conventions. They hang, slide, and lazily interact with walls. This relationship allows us to see the liberation of "material" as “objects” themselves.

It is mentioned in Gilles Deleuze’s “The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque” that from the human brain to the universe and even atomic particles, the whole world is made up of folds. Everything can be folded, unfolded and re-folded, and contains infinite potential as such. Thinking (penser) from outside the domain has no fixed form or fixed boundaries. Thinking is not the internal use of wisdom, but an unexpected event, an accident, an "abstract storm", a fold. In this exhibition, the artists try to “think” and “develop” the process or concept of their own creations, many of which are based on an idea, folding or unfolding. Each schema implies the flow and instability between forces, and the existing materials and functions are constantly deconstructed and reconverted. Therefore, the function of the schema does not point to the past that has been transformed, but to the generation of a new reality and a new truth.

Tiffany Blue opens up a new field of thinking for the viewer and invites you to enter.

CHENG Manman

Mitzi Pederson (*1976 in Stuart, Florida, USA) lives and works in San Francisco. A selection of her solo exhibitions includes Schleicher/Lange, Paris (2012); World Class Boxing, Miami (2009); the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2008); and White Columns, New York (2006). Pederson has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including the American Academy in Rome (2013); the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (2011); MACRO FUTURE, Rome (2009); Milton Keynes Gallery and Harris Museum, Preston, UK (2009); ACME, Los Angeles (2009); and the 2008 Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Alexander Wolff (*1976 in Osterburg, Germany) lives and works in Berlin. Wolff has exhibited in institutions like the Deichtorhallen Hamburg (2015), the Kunsthalle Nürnberg (2014), Kai 10 in Düsseldorf (2011), the Portikus in Frankfurt am Main and at the Wexner Center, Columbus (2016). Solo Exhibitions took place in the Kunsthalle Lingen, the Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster, the Overbeck-Gesellschaft Lübeck, as well as Galerie Mezzanin Vienna/ Geneva, Galerie Natalia Hug in Cologne and at SVIT, Prague and Anne Mosseri Marlio, Basel. He is co-publisher of the art magazine series Chicago, Times, Plotter…Lisa Fittko (
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