SHOW TIME: 2016.MAY.21 — JULY.16



ARTISTES: Didier Mencoboni / Dawei Dong


This exhibition gathers the encounter and communication of two artists.
It all began with a teacher and a student’s mutual interest about color. The rich colorfulness became regular compositions in countless occasions, which process measured and recorded the changes.
Many examples can be used to illustrate the relationship between “pressure” and “color.” In their works, they have retained the same creative method. For example, they may use colored oval chips to reflect repeatedly in the space and becomes the tool to express multiple color symbols, or they may create images that accumulate ink diffusions, which look like punctuation marks.  Each different method has exhibited the potential and charm of color. These two artists, using the same media, will “press” (or “diffuse”) colors into two different kinds of artworks; meanwhile, new possibilities in the creating media will emerge continuously, giving the artists new inspirations. Sometimes the colors are loose and mild, and sometimes they will replicate or change along with the spread of ink or the numerous repetitions of the same tools, with subtle differences.
“Repetition” is as well being found by these two artists under two circumstances, through verifying each other, their works express the same relevant, potential and specific conditions: “color.”

For this exhibition, they both emphasized that they would use the same principals to create the works, which for them is continuing the lineage. Whether it’s a previous artwork, or a new creation, a “forced” method will be a new phenomenon of “restraint.” They use this restrained diffusion as a reflective object, to create new artworks, instead of making it an obstacle. So, this creation process starts from a single rule, and gradually develops into an integrated conversation.

n different exhibition spaces, the works of the two artists mutually enhance each other. As long as there’s reflection effect, an artwork can bring out another one, and this will be an essential thought condition in this exhibition.
In this exhibition, “restraint” will be a key concept and the stimulation of the artworks. It expresses development, freedom and participation. This exhibition is a presentation of the recent years of communications of the two artists. It will not stop at any point; this exhibition will continue like a game, featuring the unknown future. It is a kind of respect, from one to the other, with trouble, but shares and curiously look for new possibilities in the artworks.

Didier Mencoboni was born in Guingamp, France, and now lives and works in Paris.

Dong Dawei was born in Dalian, China in 1981, and lives and works in Beijing.

Didier Mencoboni / Révolution

Dong Dawei / Dust To Dust-Slim

Didier Mencoboni / Slim

Didier Mencoboni / Random Remake
Dong Dawei / Silhouette
Dong Dawei, Didier Mencoboni / Cloud Atlas, Rocks Floating on colors