Duration2015 / 01 / 25 – 2015 / 03 / 16 

Opening: 2015  01/ 25 pm.15:00

Chief Advisor :Zhijie QIU

Curator :Manman CHENG

Artistes: Chenchen CHEN , Mingqiang CHEN, Lin FENG, Peng JIANG, Tong LEI, Wei LUO, Wenlong LI, Qin HE, Jingfang HAO & Lingjie WANG, Audrey HU,Xiaoxiao HU , Yongfeng MA, Taoduhan, Irrelevant Commission Projet, Xionghuangshe, Chen YANG, Ye JIYi TANG. 

Producer :Ga YANG , Ningya WU


Media:  art.ifeng.com    Artron.net    artand.cn

“ Temporary Residence Permit ” 

                             ----- To walk along a road

The first phrase people often remember while learning French is: “D’ou` viens-tu?” (“Where are you from?”). Where we live is often one of the first questions asked in our interactions with others. I’d like to respond: “We all live willfully in one very small corner of the world.”

 “Drifting” seems like an idealistic word, but if so, what kind of ideals has this society provided? Pragmatism and seem like equally idealistic words. What defines success for a drifter? Is it defined in economic terms or spiritual ones? Drifting is the quintessential movement through space and time.

In “Proust and Signs”, Gilles Deleuze describes the concept of space in terms of perspective; that is, traditional methods of perceiving space depend both on the physical position and motion of the one perceiving. On the other hand, the claim is also made that differences in motion result not from temporal or physical differences, but “virtual” ones. It’s important to note that “virtual” in this context does not mean the same thing as it does in the phrase “virtual reality.” Rather, this philosophical idea of virtuality describes that which is “real without being actual, ideal without being abstract.” Thus is the relationship of the ideality of the concept of “drifting” with reality.

And so there are these young, drifting artists with an average age of about thirty who, through their works, express their sentiments towards the world that they experience, in terms both ideal and real. These artists, through ordinary materials, touch on this very universal question: why do we wander? why do we choose to live elsewhere? What tempts us to this movement, through both space and time? This group of artists conveys to us myriad different perspectives and ways of thinking about the world, stemming from their varied backgrounds. Not only is this the first exhibition to be shown at the Unicorn Centre for Art, it's also the gathering of a group young artists seeking to express the idea of "drifting." Our hope is that dialogue on this theme will develop and percolate. We propose that the present resonates with the past, therefore giving meaning to the future. 

By: Manman Cheng

01/2015 Beijing